Amy Kobos

It all started with white squirrels romping around in my Hendersonville, NC backyard. You can say I have a thing for white fuzzy creatures: Samoyeds, goats, snow bunnies... 

Something about these creatures are pure, whimsical, and playful. But, it's more than that: They help create balance in my busy life. 

After experiencing burnout from being a caregiver, full-time student, hard-ass worker, and stepmom (all at the same time), I decided to slow down and stop feeling guilty for taking care of myself.

At this point, I was already experiencing depression and anxiety disorder. And, I had lost who I was. Mostly, though, because I was doing it to myself. 

It was these white fuzzy creatures that helped me bring myself back to my playful and pure self. They are the symbols of the zen in my life. 

I learned how to prioritize my health in the crazy life I was living in. And, I'm here to show you that you can, too.

It starts with nourishing the relationships that matter the most.

White Squirrel Soaps brings you the sense of wellness into your busy schedule. It helps you to slow down, make time for yourself, and cleanse the bullshit out of your day.

Because the quality of your life - and soap - matter.

With my experience as a certified wellness practitioner and integrative nutrition health coach, my goal is to give you the added bonus of motivation to help reconnect you to yourself again.

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