Unscented goat's Milk soap with shea butter

Carl's Naked Goats

White Squirrel Soaps

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Take one (or more) of these whimsical goats home with you to be reminded of your natural purity. Lush and creamy, Carl’s Naked Goats provides you with a heavenly experience without a scent. This soap is packed with the luxurious essentials of shea butter and olive oil. 

100% All-Natural Ingredients: 
Olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, sodium hydroxide, goat's milk. 


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*** SOAP FACTS*** 
* Each soap is approximately 3.8 oz in weight.

* Soap designs are picked at random. If you want a particular caricature, please make note of it at checkout, but please note your character request may not be in stock. If you order three, I'll do my best to make sure you get the character set, but no guarantees can be made. 

*** STORY TIME *** 
While living in Hendersonville, North Carolina I got to work on Carl Sandburg's (famous poet) farm in Flat Rock, NC. One day, I got to hold a 2-day old baby goat, and it was so excited that it pooped all over me! But...the baby goat was SO CUTE!